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On-Demand Training & Resources

Improve your productivity with our "On-Demand " Video training courses and PDF Training Guides.

About the trainer

I am the Director & principal Trainer/Coach with Lingford Consulting, an Australian based organisation I founded in regional Victoria about 22 years ago.

My passion is providing practical tools and strategies that build more productive people and stronger teams for a healthier workplace.

I show people how to manage their ever increasing workloads more effectively using an array of Microsoft products such as Outlook, OneNote, To Do and Microsoft Teams.

These "On-Demand" training courses and resources have been long sought after by my clients, especially those overseas, who were unable to attend one of my in-house or even one of my public training sessions.

I am gradually building the library of courses and decided to start with my Outlook courses initially. I have recorded them in smaller topic based courses as if I was running an online session in front of a live audience.

I hope you enjoy them. Geoff