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Manage Workload with Outlook Tasks

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Recorded live with a small number of participants as one of my Public Training Programs in 2023. In this power packed session, I will show you how to use Outlook Tasks effectively. I will demonstrate how you can customize and create your ultimate To Do List and throw away your paper to do list forever!

Training Course Contents

Using Email Search

  • Search All Folders by Default
  • Another way to use the new Search Bar
  • Other wav to search
  • Find Related „
  • Search Folders
  • Set up & use “Conversation View”

Manage Your Email Folders

  • Filing Cabinet Analogy
  • Favourites

Using Outlook Tasks

  • My Tasks
  • Different Task Views
  • Remove your Reading Pane.
  • Completed Tasks View..
  • Basic Task Layout
  • Use the Task Notes area
  • Insert Emails
  • Turn Emails into Tasks
  • Insert Hyper-Links
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Categories & Tasks…

Customizing: your Task Views

  • Choose Columns
  • Group By
  • Soft Items
  • Other Settings…

The “To Do Bar”

  • Customizing your “To Do Bar”
  • Other Settings— Grid Lines and Single Line
  • Show in Groups
  • Using Your “To Do Bar” or Tasks
  • Change Due Dates Quickly…
  • Change Priority Status of Items Quickly
  • Reorder your To Do Items in your list with your Mouse
  • Re-Naming Email Subject – Outlook
  • Show To Do Bar on Calendar View
  • Copy Tasks to Your Calendar