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Microsoft Outlook for Executive Assistants

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In this 2-hour long training course, I show you how to make full use of Microsoft Outlook to manage your work, and support your Boss’s calendar and inbox too. Recorded live with a small number of participants as one of my Public Training Programs in 2023.

Microsoft Outlook for Executive Assistants


Email & Productivity

  • Checking Email
  • Dilutes Your Focus
    • Continuous Partial Attention
    • Emails and Multitasking
  • Turn off your Email Alert – Stay Focused
    • Email Alert by Exception

Customising Your Views

  • Remove unwanted inbox columns/fields
  • Remove message preview
  • Focused Inbox
  • Conversation View
  • Display Your ‘To Do Bar’

Managing My Boss’s Inbox

Open/Edit the email

Use Next Actions Folder

Using Categories

Customising your Categories

  • Applying Categories to Emails
  • Tracking your Categorised Emails
  • Tracking Categorised Email with a Search Folder

Using Email Flags and Comments

  • Flagging emails for your boss
  • Flag emails you send/forward to your boss
  • Flag emails in boss’s inbox (as delegate)
  • Tracking your Email Flags
  • Use a Search Folder

Use a Customised ‘Comments Column’

  • Create View with New Column on your Device
  • Create View with New Column on your Boss’s device

Create Email Rules to Focus Your Inbox

  • Rule to Move Meeting Acceptances to Folder

Calendar Tips for EAs

  • Calendar Viewing Techniques
  • Copy Appointments/Meetings to Different Days
  • Search in Your Calendar
    • Shared Calendar – Overlay Mode
  • Include Different Time Zones
  • Insert Email to Existing Meeting or Appointment
  • Reply with Meeting directly from an email
  • Managing Meetings using Outlook