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Productivity using OneNote – Training Manual


Make the transition to Digital Notetaking using Microsoft OneNote.

This powerful digital notetaking program can totally transform your notetaking and even your workflow. No more wasting time handwriting and then typing up your meeting notes. And with OneNote, you can easily capture all your innovative ideas in one place and then find them easily when you need them.

With our Microsoft OneNote training manual, you will discover step by step instructions for how to set up and begin using Microsoft OneNote like a Pro to maximise your productivity.

What’s included:

  • Understand the benefits of digital notetaking
  • Know the different OneNote programs/Apps you can use
  • Avoid and fix the common set-up traps we see all the time
  • Instructions for creating new Notebooks
  • Learn how to share your Notebooks and collaborate in real-time
  • Create and organise your Sections
  • Discover “Section Groups” and how they help organise your Notebooks
  • Discover a better way to organise your Pages
  • Start taking notes – the basics
  • Learn how to work with your Files
  • Discover ways to insert links to pages
  • Use “Search” to find your notes quickly
  • Discover OneNote Tags and ways to use them
  • Learn how to create your own notetaking templates using “Page Templates”
  • Learn smart ways to use your digital pen with OneNote
  • And discover some smart Outlook integrations to help you manage your workflow more effectively

OneNote can help you streamline your processes and reduce your reliance on paper.
You can use OneNote for:

  • Taking notes in meetings
  • Personal notetaking
  • Recording ideas and organising them
  • Organising your work in one location
  • Planning ahead
  • Managing projects
  • Collaborating with others in real-time
  • …and more

See our Online OneNote Productivity training program