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Use the 4Ds to Manage your Outlook Inbox

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In this one hour + training course, you will learn how to use my 4D methodology to manage your emails more effectively using some clever, but little-known features in Microsoft Outlook that will save you valuable time!

Manage your Outlook Inbox using Four Ds

  • Do not let Emails fall off your Radar
  • Handle Emails ONCE

Introducing the Four Ds to manage your Inbox

  1. Delete
  2. Deposit
  3. Do now
  4. Do later (4 smart options you can use to better manage your Outlook Inbox)
  • (1) Move to a “Next Action” Folder
    • Use an Email Rule to automatically move certain emails in a Folder
  • (2) Copy/Move email to existing Meeting or Appointment
  • (3)  Create a new Calendar Appointment from an email
    • Reply with Meeting – directly from an email
  • (4)  Flag the email to handle later

Using Email Flags & Reminders Effectively

  • Using the Custom (Flag) Dialog Box
  • Flag emails you send to others
  • Tracking your Email Flags easily
  • Use an Email Search Folder to track your Email Flags