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Using Email Search and Managing Email Folders

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In this 40 minute “game changer” training course, you will learn to use the hidden features of Outlook’s new “Search Window” and then discover how to reduce your “Email Folders”.

Unlock the power of Email Search in Outlook

How to search for emails more effectively by using some of the powerful search tools in Microsoft Outlook

  • Search All Email Folders by default
  • How people typically perform an email search?
  • Recent searches
  • Using the hidden features of the “New Search” tool
  • Another way to use the new Search tool bar

Advanced Email Search Options

  • Using “Advanced Search”
  • Other ways to search
  • Using “Find Related”
  • Set up & use the poweful and time-saving “Conversation View”

Manage your Email Folders

  • Results of having too many “Email Folders”
    • The Filing Cabinet Analogy
  • Using your Favourites Folder
    • Add to or Show in Favourites
  • Here is a way to dramatically reduce your Email Folders and save valuable time!